80 People Who Learned The Hard Way Not To Post Photos On Facebook Before Checking The Background

Whenever we want to post a picture and we’re excited to get it out there for the world to like and comment on, we don’t always check to see that everything is perfect – unless of course, we’re busy editing our features to make us look “perfect.” But, sometimes there can be mishaps, accidents and weird looking things in our photos that are completely embarrassing and a bit dirty – like dildos. Come on people, look before you post – we don’t necessarily want to see those “mishaps” because we feel dirty for even noticing them – am I right?

1. At least the dog made it into the Christmas photo – even if he’s peeing.

2. Someone edited this…obviously.

3. Is that someones bal…oh it’s just someone kneeling down. I see. I see. My bad.

4. Dad, check those…feet.

5. Suns out, creepy photobombers making awkward faces out.