Hamburger Helper Had The Most Savage Clap-back To This Guy’s Sexist Joke

And they got salty..

Sexist and misogynistic assholes? Sadly, yes, people like this still exist. A gent that goes by the name of “Chris” managed to somehow find the courage to open his mouth and share what he believed was “not wife material” on a public forum such as Twitter. Not only did he have the nerve to screenshot a snapchat of someone cooking, but he was also able to tweet it out on his own personal Twitter to end up only offending more than half of the world. I mean, come on, dude.


Of course, we all immediately thought –

But unfortunately, he did actually mean every word he said. So obviously Twitter users did not swallow his sh*t and decided to shoot back with some of their own opinions.


And guess what? That wasn’t all because seemingly enough, Hamburger Helper savagely owned our dear Chris for making a mockery out of their brand.

In all honesty, he was kinda asking for it and I don’t think I’m the only one who agrees.

I think Chris has learned his lesson after being burned by more than half of this continent and will think things through next time he plans to serve us a plate of his anti-feminist theories.