29 Things You Never Realized Everyone Else Low-Key Does Too

There are some things in life the majority of people are guilty of, but, will never admit. There are weird habits and tendencies that we all low-key do on a regular basis that we’re kind of embarrassed or ashamed to admit. But, when we finally realize “sh*t, everyone else does this too,” we feel a gleam of hope, pride, and joy knowing we’re not absolute f*cking weirdos that have completely lost our minds.

1. Walk about 1353798 miles pacing while we’re on the phone with someone.

2. Found about 15 half-empty water bottles every time we clean our out bedroom or our car and wasted probably 2 gallons of water.

3. Whenever you have to write “Wednesday,” you say “Wed-NES-day” in your head to make sure you don’t forget how to spell it.

4. Whenever you’re carrying in groceries from food shopping, you force yourself to become the Incredible Hulk so you don’t have to make more than one trip.

5. You use a fan or air conditioning even in the dead of winter because you want to sleep under a blanket and feel extra warm and toasty like a giant blanket burrito.