Artist Recreates Famous Logos With Brutally Honest Messages About The Companies

In a consumer capitalist society, we’re constantly being “forced” into buying things from big box companies who brainwash us into thinking we “need” everything.
While we’re all slaves to the system, there are pretty harsh meanings behind many big companies around the world. One graphic designer, Viktor Hertz, used his talents to recreate famous logos from huge companies with honest messages that represent who they are and what they stand for. While it may seem crazy–most of them are so accurate it’ll leave you shook.

See more from Viktor Hertz on his Instagram page here.  

33. Game of Thrones:

32. Marvel:

31. Marlboro:

30. Movie Trailers:

29. The Olympics:

28. MTV:

27. L’Oreal:

26. IMDB:

25. Harley Davidson:

24. Captain Morgan:

23. Windows: