Pixelated Makeup Is Every Lazy Girl’s Perfect Go-To Halloween Look

When October comes and Pumpkin Spice everything hits us in the face like a brick thrown at us, we start to stress out about what we’re going to be for Halloween. If you’re popular and have a bunch of friends or you’re in college pledging a sorority/frat, chances are, you need more than one costume for this spooktacular holiday. Let’s face it, no one wants to go to two parties back-to-back in the same outfit that has jungle juice spilled down the front of it. The problem is – Halloween costumes can be hella expensive sometimes – actually, all the time. Unless you’re into DIY and being creative, it can be a headache to plan a bunch of costumes for an entire weekend.

That’s why there are beautiful and wonderful people online who share brilliant ideas with us that require no costume at all. If you’re good at makeup or can shell out some cash to pay a makeup artist to handle your face beat for the night, pixelated makeup is going to be your go-to “costume” this year. 

You’ll look ultra tech-savvy and innovative with this costume and, you can wear basically anything you want on the bottom in terms of clothes. You can rock all black – like a little black dress – or, something in the “theme” of technology, but, either way – you don’t have to buy a costume so it’s a win/win for everyone.

How to do it: