An Entire College Campus Used Snapchat To Help Bring These Two Students Together & It’s Pretty Romantic

People may say that Millennials are too tied up on social media networks and applications, but, we can tell them that they are now the gateway to finding true love. Sure, we may Snapchat everything we do and Instagram all of our meals, but if the “one true love” for us is out there, watching it all – isn’t it all worth it? Two students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison are probably going to tell you, technology is only helping romance stay alive after they found love in a hopeless place – aka Snapchat.

Basically, here’s what happened:

A student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison posted a video on the college’s Snapchat story wearing a Minnesota Vikings jersey. Another student saw the video and immediately began lusting over the guy and posted a response on the college’s Snapchat story saying:

“I’m seriously in love with you.”

She had posted the video with her location (the library) and wanted the guy to find her.

Apparently, the guy messaged her back on the same college Snapchat story, telling her to meet him but, the girl had not seen it. She then answered back she didn’t see it and missed the opportunity to meet up with him.

That’s when everyone else on campus began getting involved. People started calling her “Mystery Girl” and him “Vikings Fan.” They even made Snapchat filters to go along with their love story.

And, then, fate happened…