This Teen Might Get Fired Because Of How She F’ed Up A Restaurant Reservation From Tom Brady

I’ve said this 1,000 times and I’ll say it again–working in the restaurant industry as a young adult teaches you a lot of valuable lessons you’ll need to know in life.
For one, you learn about responsibility and time management. You also learn how to treat other people after you see how awful customers treat you as a waitress/hostess/cashier. And, most of all, you learn how to deal with absolutely horrible bosses and managers–which, we all know, will prepare you for working in the real world where your bosses will probably be absolutely horrible.

One teen who works in a fine-dining restaurant in Belmont, Massachusetts was taught a pretty valuable lesson after her manager decided to “test her,” and see if she would pass. Spoiler alert: she didn’t.


Sarah Ananian, 19, works for a restaurant that’s pretty well known across the country for having celebrities dine in. The one in the Boston area where Ananian is employed was a newer location. As a test, her manager told her to “quietly” put in a reservation for Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

Anyone who lives in the New England area knows how big football is there–especially being a Patriots fan. Ananian told BuzzFeed that she immediately put the news on her Snapchat story, freaking out. She also let the entire staff know that the Tom Brady was coming in for dinner that night.


Ananian said that because Belmont is such a small town, the news spread “like wildfire.” Kids began crowding the pizzeria across the street from her job.

“That’s when I started to worry it would get big. Another handful of locals showed up in the back.”

People even began reposting the story on their own Snapchats, increasing the buzz around the “monumental event.”


After a while, the entire staff was called into a meeting and the manager informed them that Tom Brady wouldn’t actually be coming in. In fact, it was a test to see how the employees would respond if celebrities came in to dine. Obviously, Ananian failed this test big time–seeing as there were actual crowds outside of the restaurant waiting to see Tom.

The manager said that he wants “staff to treat famous people normally, and stay cool when they come in.” Although he appreciated how excited Ananian and the rest of the staff were, he wants it to be a lesson to them all.

“Many of the staff are starting their first position in this type of establishment — it was good to see them at their best.”

Ananian shared the story on her Twitter profile, and before she knew it, it went viral online.

Many Twitter users related to the experience, saying they would have done the exact same thing.

But, some didn’t believe her story was even real.

 One person even said she deserved to be fired.

Others said their managers have done similar things to them.

Word to the wise–if your boss says a celebrity is coming into your job, play it cool.