Girl’s Story Of Finding A Boyfriend’s Secret Snapchat Account Has People Saying ‘Throw The Whole Man Away’

Why do people have to be so frustrating? Why do they do things like lie to their boyfriends or girlfriends, especially about things that can be easily confirmed? Ugh, who knows. Answering that is impossible because relationships are complicated. But there’s one thing we can know for sure—if your significant other is lying to you, then the problem is with them and you can do better.

A Twitter user named Sana (whose username is @sanaisadumbass, lol) tweeted about her coworker who said she didn’t use Snapchat because her boyfriend didn’t use it, which, makes no sense to begin with. Because her boyfriend doesn’t have it? What kind of weird relationship rule is that, and is it self-imposed or is he telling her she CAN’T have one? It’s not clear (but it is stupid).

Anyway, the boyfriend said he didn’t use Snapchat, but was busted when she downloaded the app and he was the first person to pop up. Not only that but he had a super high score, making the whole thing even worse.

Sana’s tweet ended with “byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” because seriously, this girl needs to get rid of her sorry-a** boyfriend STAT. The tweet went viral, and Sana kindly posted updates as the story unfolded.

First the guy said that he didn’t use Snapchat much, but with a score like that, there’s just no way that’s true. Then he told his girlfriend that he’d break her phone if she didn’t delete the app, and she responded (justifiably, imho) that she’d break his face.

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He then told her that he only used the app to keep up with family living in Denver. When she asked him which family member, he said his mother. Hmm. Sounds suspicious, right?

Then the boyfriend turned things around on his girlfriend, which is absolutely infuriating. Instead of it being about his lying, he made it about her “snooping,” and said he’d break up with her if she didn’t stop acting “childish.” And then SHE apologized to HIM and he called her “crazy.” This is so completely typical of arguments with men.

Sana was worried that her coworker would find the tweets if they got big enough but someone else joked that she probably didn’t have Twitter because her boyfriend didn’t have Twitter.

People on Twitter definitely thought she should dump him.

They pointed out that what he was doing to her was abuse.

And that he sounded like a narcissist.

A few people tweeted that they’d had similar experiences.

So far there haven’t been any more updates, but hopefully this woman decides to kick this guy to the curb.

h/t: Twitter: @sanaisadumbass, Petty Mayonnaise