This Girl Convinced Her Tinder Match She Was A Beet Farmer Using Dwight Schrute Quotes

If you are on Tinder legitimately seeking anything but hookups and jokes, you’re doing it wrong. If you are on Tinder quoting Dwight Schrute beet facts to an unsuspecting dude, you’re doing it very, very right. Kent State University student Caroline gets an A+ in Tinder 101.

Having just binged on The Office, Caroline decided to see how far she could go in convincing her recent match she  was a beet-farmer a la Dwight.

For obvious reasons, Caroline blasted the conversation on Twitter. For obvious reasons, it went viral, garnering over 45,000 likes and 20,000 retweets.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Caroline said: “Most people think it’s hilarious. The majority of the responses are definitely positive. A few people have said that it was mean of me to continue with the conversation when he was trying to be nice and make conversation, but it was all in good fun and no one’s feelings were hurt.”

Personally, what I find to be most impressive about this conversation is that her Tinder match seems like such a nice guy. He legitimately thinks beets are COOL of all things, and seems to be willing to hunker down and live that beet-farming life.

Fortunately for our 75-acre-owning Tinderer (seems like a catch???) Caroline let him in on the joke after she’d reached 5,000 retweets. And he thought it was funny! I ship ’em.