7 Ways To Know Your Guy Is Sh*tty In Bed

In every relationship, there comes a point in time where it’s time to divulge into the bedroom – which is a nice, appropriate way of saying, it’s time to f*ck. While you may have not had much experience in the bedroom, or hey, you have a sh*t-ton of experience, you know what good sex feels like because – it feels good.

You quiver, you shake, you sweat and moan and cry out for dear help because you’ve never felt so good in your life thus far. So, when the sex is really, truly bad and your guy is not a stellar lay – you’ll know.

1. He’s Selfish AF.

If a guy is all about him, him, him – it’s probably because he’s insecure about his lay game – and, he’s also an a**hole. There’s a golden rule in the bedroom when it comes to sex – ladies first. Why? Because if a lady gets off first, you guys can keep on going.

When a guy gets off first, you have to stop, clean up – and most of the time, he can’t get back on again – and there’s nothing worse than almost reaching that beautiful climax and getting let down when a guy prematurely exits.

2. They’re Not Into Eating Out For Dinner.

If a guy is too scared to go down on you, leave. Chances are most likely, he’ll expect you to go down on him to “get him in the mood.” But, all relationships – even one night stands – should be two way streets (except the booty…).

He should want to make you feel good, no matter what. If he’s not willing to try new things, even if he’s never done it before – why waste your time? There are men out there who will spell the French alphabet between your thighs…twice.

3. He Can’t Find The Little Man In The Boat.

If a guy can’t find the treasure chest, it’s because he has no idea what he’s doing. Some guys are smart enough to familiarize themselves with the female body so that when they are involved, they do it right – and make you feel right. 

Some guys, however, are clueless and have no idea what they’re doing. They’ll go down south and look around for far too long for it to feel good. Don’t fret – it’s okay to give some directions. But, if they can’t ever learn – eh.

4. He Can’t Take Constructive Criticism.

Not all guys are going to be for you in bed. Some guys do things that you don’t like – like pushing your head down, or, calling you dirty names you find disrespectful. But, it’s always okay to say, “I don’t like that,” or “Harder,” or “Softer.”

If a guy isn’t willing to take what you want into account, he’s clearly not going to be enjoyable in the sack. You should never – I repeat never – feel uncomfortable when you’re sleeping with someone.