These Balenciaga Platform Crocs Are Tearing Twitter Apart

Questions were bountiful as Balenciaga debuted a 10-centimeter platform Croc at Paris Fashion Week. Should we be feeling outrage? Are we just “not getting” fashion? Is there even anything “to get”? Is Balenciaga trolling us all? When it comes to footwear, is low-brow the new high-brow? And most importantly, are these jawns waterproof?

The Spring 2018 collection features the iconic “Foam” Croc, but as a platform, and in pink, green, beige, and yellow. The shoe has divided the Internet. Footwear hasn’t polarized the world this hard since the appearance of those weird toe-sock-running things, and understandably so. I, for one, am  mystified by my own feelings surrounding this abomination/gift to the world. So was Twitter.

Others were sort of into it.

Some were simply honored to witness this gardening-meets-Lisa-Frank-vibes-meets-90s-platform creation.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus rocking this look at their next musical festival performances. What do you think of the new Balenciaga Croc?