The Internet Is Outraged Over The Whitewashing of Beyoncé’s New Wax Figure

Wax figure museums are popular all over the world – for what reason, I’m not sure. To be completely honest, I don’t see the appeal of visiting a museum that is filled with wax figures of celebrities. I’d much rather spend my money going to a museum that features historical art or incredible inventions – just saying, agree to disagree.

Recently, Madame Tussauds’ in New York City updated their wax figures, giving celebs that have been their for years new looks and also introducing some new celebs into their mix. The museum is hella popular for tourists in NYC, much like everything else on 7th avenue. 

But, when someone tweeted a photo of Beyoncé’s latest wax figure – the Internet was up in arms over just how whitewashed she was. Beyoncé is indeed a black singer, breaking records and creating a path for others in the industry. Lets face it – everyone was offended.

You have to admit – that looks more like Britney Spears than Beyoncé.