Beyoncé Officially Gave Birth To Her Twins & The Internet Is Celebrating

Bless the Carters.

Queen B has officially given birth to the saviors of the country – the Carter Twins. For months now, people have been waiting to see when Beyoncé would pop, as she had reported her pregnancy about ten months ago. She had even cancelled her Coachella performance after her doctor had requested she sit this one out (boo).

This past Thursday, both Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy were seen by numerous sources in L.A. heading over to a hospital where reporters figured Beyoncé was staying until she went into labor. As well, several visitors were seen arriving at the same L.A. hospital with gifts, balloons and flowers.

While sources have confirmed that Beyoncé gave birth to her twins, there is no information on names or gender just yet.

However, Beyoncé’s father had been the first to confirm, officially, the birth of the twins by tweeting:

Since then, Twitter has been finally getting along and celebrating the birth.

But, some people are hating on Beyoncé’s dad hella hard for ruining the announcement for Bey.