Beyoncé & Jay-Z Basically Named Their Twins After Themselves Because, Why Not?

Welcome to the world, Shawn Jr. and Bea.

This week, Beyoncé broke the Internet by finally giving birth to the twins we’ve all been waiting for. The pop diva was late in giving birth, as she went well past her 9 month mark and gave birth closer to month 10.

After she finally did give birth, people were wondering – WTF is the gender and what are the names!?! Come on Queen B, you know how your B-Hive operates, they need information and they need it ASAP.

But, have no fear, the wait is over because – numerous sources are reporting that the names of the Carter twins are – Shawn Jr. and Bea.

Yes, Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their twins after themselves. Shawn Carter is Jay-Z’s actual name, not Jay-Z (sorry folks) and Bea basically sounds like it’s short for Beyoncé. Can we get anymore obvious?

According to sources, Jay-Z and Beyoncé let Blue Ivy, their daughter, help name the twins – so, I mean, it makes sense – kind of?

What do you think of these twins names?

$10 says you comment saying “I don’t care.”

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