Multiple Sources Have Finally Identified Which Actress Bit Beyoncé

This week, the Internet has been in an uproar over the secret identity of an actress who bit Beyoncé at a party back in December. It all stemmed from an interview with comedian Tiffany Haddish, who claimed the night she took the infamous photo with Beyoncé, an actress “bit Queen B” and she wanted to fight her.

Of course, Haddish didn’t reveal the identity of the said actress (to be honest, everyone at the party probably signed a non-disclosure agreement anyway). But, people were trying to figure out who the hell in their right mind would bite Beyoncé. Now, multiple sources have told TMZ that Haddish told several people it was actress Sanaa Lathan.

After the news broke that an actress at the afterparty for Jay-Z’s 4:44 concert in December bit his wife, Beyoncé, people were aggressively looking for clues. The Internet studied the guest list, looked for “hints,” and even speculated that it could be several individuals. After the TMZ tip, many people are connecting some dots that truly make it seem as though Lathan is the perfect culprit.

First and foremost, Lathan is an actress (check out Love & Basketball, y’all). She was also in attendance at the party–and, according to this Shade Room video clip on Instagram, she was pretty drunk that evening.

An anonymous source also tipped off media outlets that Haddish had mentioned this incident at a comedy show–and, said the actress had once dated rapper French Montana.

Guess who else has dated French Montana (besides Khloé Kardashian)…

Apparently, the bite wasn’t an “aggressive bite,” but, a playful one. Sources indicated that Lathan was talking to Jay-Z in a rather flirtatious way. Bey was not having it–I mean, HOV already cheated on her before. Lathan allegedly “playfully bit” Beyoncé as a joke, to show no harm done. Haddish was not about this. She told Bey she would straight up fight Lathan for biting her. Beyoncé told Haddish not to because Lathan was “on drugs,” and “she’s not like that all the time.

Lathan, on the other hand, tweeted a denial of the entire situation.

Twitter is not buying her denial.

And, Internet users have officially begun trolling all of Lathan’s social media accounts.