This Girl’s Post-Breakup Skydiving Trip Is The Year’s Best Tinder Love Story

This is 19 year old Emma Vowell, a sophomore at Purdue University in Indiana.

According to Buzzfeed, she had just purchased two skydiving tickets as a surprise for her boyfriends birthday when… he broke up with her out of nowhere. So Emma did what any level headed 19 year old would do; she kept the tickets, and hopped on Tinder looking for someone to go with.

As you can imagine, applicants began pouring in. But one guy managed to capture her attention more than others:

So there you have it. All Austin had to do was submit a resume and cover letter to be officially considered for the role of “Going skydiving with Emma.” A reasonable ask, and an assignment that Austin took very, very seriously.

Not only did he actually submit his resume, but he wrote a custom cover letter outlining his unique qualifications for the position:

I don’t expect you to completely cover the cost of my ticket without reimbursement of some kind. Being a 5th year student has afforded me the opportunity to take a meager one class a day, and with all of my extra time I would be willing to drive you to class/exams/bars for a week of your choosing in my doorless Jeep. My jeep is one of the great loves of my life, and riding in it is probably the closest experience you can get to riding on a motorcycle, without the fear of impending death/road rash. I also live with a one year old German Shepherd/Husky mix, that I will let you pet, walk with, or send you pictures of any time your heart desires. I am also an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and would be willing to do 1-on-1 personal training sessions with you, if that is something you would be interested in. As far as financial compensation goes, I would also be willing to help cover food, lodging, gas, etc.

I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or would like to arrange an interview.

Honestly, you had me at pictures of the dog.

So Emma shared his info on social media:

And people started responding… a lot of people:

Some not so enthusiastically:

But Emma, a qualified manager who obviously has a knack for weighing the pros and cons of a potential applicant, decided he was the man for the job:

And there you have it. The date was set, the position filled, and the two met up for coffee before hand, mostly to appease their sudden influx of internet fans:


But before you get your hopes up shipping these two, Emma responded to questions about the date by saying “he’ll be a great friend.” So it looks like she’s not that into the whole viral love story thing. Can’t say I blame her but also… he’s cute and clearly puts in the effort. In a couple years he’s going to look like a real catch.

Oh to be 19 again…