This Guy Wanted A Job So Bad He Rapped His Resume To Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA.”

Job hunting is a tough deal. You know there are jobs around, but applying with your resume and cover letter makes you feel hopeless. Like you’re one of the thousands of same-y millennials with the exact same skills who are all looking to stand out.

The best approach is to do something creative to get noticed. Take this guy, for example, who’s job application asked for a creative supplement in addition to his resume. He decided to make a video rap about his skills and it is straight fire:

Also it’s gone super-viral and is now #2 on YouTube’s trending page. So to be honest, even if the job he was applying to rejects him (which would be incredibly stupid) he’ll probably have offers coming in left and right.

And if that doesn’t happen, he clearly has a future writing parody raps about job placement. Which is a career path that did not exist until he invented it.