These Are 5 The Fattest States In America – See If Your Home Made The List

Hey, you – stop what you are eating! Is that food your shoving in your mouth fattening or healthy? Most likely its super high calorie but I wouldn’t know I can’t see through the computer screen to see what you are stuffing your face with but most likely – its something bad for you. Americans can’t help but crave delicious foods and drinks. We all do it. We tend to consume way too much of it each and every day and that is why America is one of the fattest countries in the world. You heard that right, we are obese.

According to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for Healthier America, adult obesity rates are above 35% in five states. So let me ask you this. Are you by chance living in one of the fattest states in America? Let’s see what Top 5 States made the cut. 

1. West Virginia (Obesity Rate 37.7%)

Who would have thought that West Virginia made it to the number one spot? I for sure didn’t think so.

2. Mississippi (Obesity Rate 37.3%)

3. Alabama (Obesity Rate 35.7%)