40 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Music Videos Back In The 2000’s That’ll Blow Your Mind

WAIT, Britney got hit with what? LOL.

35. “Cry Me A River” – Justin Timberlake

Maybe many of you don’t know the tea between J.T and Britney Spears, but they once upon a time ago and supposedly they broke up because she was caught by J.T himself with one of her choreographers.

SO, like every ex would – J.T wanted revenge & he did exactly just that. In the video, the girl he intentionally cheats on looks A WHOLE LOT like Britney and it was later confirmed that the music video and song was dedicated to his ex. Basically, a big f*ck you, which is total savagery.

36.”Hey Ya!” – Outkast

The announcer at the beginning of the video is Ryan Phillippe, the man who played the hot, seductive brother in “Cruel Intentions” and ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon.

37. “Lean Back” – Terror Squad

The video features cameos from many big stars of today like Kevin Hart, Erica Mena from Love&Hip Hop, DJ KHALED, and of course Remy Ma.

38. “Just Lose It” – Eminem

If you don’t remember, the video pokes fun at Michael Jackson, which upset the King Of Pop. The video upset him so much that major networks refused to play it at his request because of the controversy.

39. “Smack That” – Akon

The music video is a takeoff on the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte movie “48 Hours.” Akon plays Murphy’s role of a convict who is released for a short time so he can help solve a crime. It diverges from the movie plot as Akon goes to a club and meets up with Eminem

40. “Hung Up” – Madonna

Whiling filming the video, Madonna was surprisingly putting herself back together after a horseriding accident that left her with nine broken bones a few months earlier – and let me tell ya, she was flexible as hell in that video. YOU GO GIRRRL.