40 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Music Videos Back In The 2000’s That’ll Blow Your Mind

WAIT, Britney got hit with what? LOL.

21. “Drops of Jupiter” – Train

Not a lot of people know, but the song/video was inspired by a dream lead singer Pat Monahan had about his late mother. I’m not crying, you are.

22. “Jesus Walks” – Kanye West

Of course, Kanye Wests’ bouje ass would film three f*ckin music videos for thing song – one for MTV, one for MTV2 and one for MTV.com.

23. “I Kissed A Girl” – Katy Perry

Originally, the music video was supposed to be shot in a hotel room but due to budget concerns, the scenario was switched inside an old castle in the Hollywood Hills. However, the set that was used was often used for pornos and horror films.

The video also features a cameo from Ke$ha.

24. “Stacy’s Mom” – Fountain’s of Wayne

The song was inspired by a childhood friend of frontman Adam Schlesinger who had a crush on the singer’s GRANDMOTHER…. so, it could have been called “Stacy’s GRAND-mom?” EW.

The music video, however, was also inspired by the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. There’s a point in the movie, a character named Brad is in a bathroom fantasizing about his sister’s friend and then the same girl walks in on him. His sister’s name, coincidentally, is Stacy.

25. “Promiscuous Girl” – Nelly Furtado

Timbaland warned her that she would be getting out of her comfort zone for the music video, telling her: “You can’t be that same Nelly Furtado laying on the grass playing with birds.” LOL.

Justin Timberlake makes a cameo for the video, too.