15 Sexy Pennywise Looks Nobody Asked For But We’re Sorta Feeling

It is an unwritten rule that nothing is sacred when it comes to Halloween costumes. Every year we manage to objectify, sex-ify, and ultimately sort of ruin the stars of any and all narratives thrown in our direction. There are sexy Sesame Street characters. There is a sexy body bag. There is even sexy corn. What a time!

Anything and everything is sexy. For better or worse, the future is now.

This year’s particular sexified victim is Pennywise, the sweet-talking horrifying clown from Hollywood blockbuster It released earlier this month. Granted, many of these pictures are just of girls stunting on the rest of us with their incredible makeup skills. It’s sexy, it’s scary, it’s confusing.

1. Pennywise would have had a way easier time luring those preteens if he looked like this:


2. She looks hot despite the teeth:


3. Highlighter on fleek:




5. Sort of feeling this boho-chic-Pennywise

Wig designer, makeup artist and photographer: Savannah Shearouse @savymakeupart