Someone Mentioned That Bookstores Make Them Poop And Everyone Is Like ‘Same’

Be honest. When you walk into a bookstore, do you immediately need to poop? Really think about it. If you’re suddenly realizing that that’s happened more times than you can count… you’re not alone.

In fact, you’re so not alone that it actually has a name. It’s called the Mariko Aoki phenomenon — named after a woman who mentioned this feeling in a magazine in 1985. What a legacy!

No one’s entirely sure where it comes from. Could be a Pavlovian response to reading books and magazines, could be all the coffee that’s usually associated with bookstores, and it could also be as simple as the fact that you’re standing up and meandering around — knocking loose whatever’s in your bowels.

Point is, it’s a thing! And if you need to feel less alone, here’s some Tweets confirming that Mariko Aoki’s legacy will never die.