26 Of The Most Utterly Demented Things Ever Drawn In Perfectly Innocent Coloring Books

Coloring books. The epitome of childhood innocence. That is, until adults get their hands on them and start messing with them in hilarious and f***d up ways. The good news is, you get to enjoy all the results.

So hide your kids and enjoy the greatest, most demented things adults have drawn in coloring books.

1. Winnie the Pooh making his last stand.


2. Ariel taking a dump.


3. Dora hiding from the authorities.


4. Elmo showing off his favorite letters.


5. These Dalmatians fresh off a murder.

6. This terrifying zombie unicorn.


7. This baby elephant stomping out pesky birds.

8. This little girl releasing the kraken.


9. This santa that’s… wtf…


10. This kind-of-delightful Game of Thrones tribute.

11. An… innocent puppet show…


12. Marge getting visited by the Babadook.


13. These worms getting caught red handed.


14. Geppetto… testing out his new puppet?


15. This ultra-confident t-rex.


16. And her soulmate: the Fabrosaurus.


17. This puppy fight which is the worst thing.


18. These freshly seasoned birds.


19. Inspect her gadgets.


20. Bert showing off his favorite bird.


21. This super-casual satanic ritual.


22. This adorable fox fresh off a kill.


23. Mickey… I don’t even want to know.


24. This apocalyptic Fallout tribute.


25. Spongebob after a long night.


26. Cookie Monster amidst a tragic binge.