Apparently GoT’s Tormund Stayed Checking Out Brienne Even Between Scenes

On Game of Thrones, it’s no secret that the Wilding Tormund is madly in love with Brienne of Tarth. We’ve heard him speak of her undying love for her and his desire to do a lot of dirty, dirty GoT things to her on the show. We’ve also seen him give her a few sexualized looks.

That’s why, when Season Seven ended with The Wall coming down and Tormund being there – everyone was crying over the fact that he was pretty close to death without ever getting his “Brienne.” How f*cked up, GoT.

But, have no fear – if you need your Tormund and Brienne fix, because don’t we all – you’ll be pleased to know that the actor who plays Tormund, Kristofer Hivj, stayed committed to his “sexual gazes” not only on screen – but off screen, too.

Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne, opened up on Late Night with Seth Myers about their on-screen and off-screen relationship and what she had to say was absolutely hysterical. She even says that Kristofer will be in a tent between takes and start “chewing a sandwich wildly at her.” Brilliant.

Seriously, all the more reason for GoT to NOT kill off Tormund because if I have to endure another death on this show – it better damn well be Cersei and not f*cking Tormund, you hear me HBO?!?