Another Hot Guy’s Mugshot Has Landed Him A Modeling Career

You may remember this guy — the “hot felon” who landed a modeling career after his sexy a.f. headshot was released to the public. Well… I guess that’s a thing now, because it happened again.

This is Mekhi Alante Lucky of North Carolina, and his striking mugshot after an arrest in 2016 has landed him a modeling contract with St. Claire Modeling.


You’re probably noticing his eyes. That’s a very rare and very intense-looking condition called heterochromia — where your eyes are two different colors. There are actually a couple fashion icons with heterochromia, including Kate Bosworth and David Bowie. DAVID. BOWIE.

“Last year, I began seeing Mekhi’s mugshot on Instagram,” said Damiani O’Bryant of St. Clair Modeling in Atlanta. “I instantly knew that he was perfect for St. Claire Modeling,”

And yeah… he definitely is.

According to public records, police in Raleigh, North Carolina arrested and charged Lucky in April 2016 with possessing a stolen vehicle and eluding arrest. He also has two misdemeanor charges for interfering with emergency communications and resisting an officer. But that clearly doesn’t have an affect on his looks, cuz dude is slaying.


Damn, damn.

I guess you never really know where you’ll find the next big thing. What’s funny is, every modeling agency in America probably now has an intern scrolling through mugshots looking for talent. Cool with me. Bring on more prison bae’s!