7 Men Talk About The Best Oral They Ever Received (And Why)

4. “There was zero teeth involved.”

“She doesn’t use teeth whatsoever, and knows how to use her hand and mouth simultaneously. I lost feeling in my extremities one time because it was so good.” —Anonymous

5. “She pushed on my perineum right before I came.”

“Most men will not turn down a good (or bad) blow job. But there have been blow jobs here and there that have stood out amongst the others.

Years ago, I got one that should have received an award. This woman was not only amazing with her tongue technique and had no gag reflex, she also knew something about pushing on my perineum right before I came.

So many blow jobs and that push on the hidden gem between my balls and ass was a first. She told me she could make it even better. No way, I thought. She ordered me something called an Aneros prostate massager. I’m a straight male and wasn’t quite sure about having anything stuck up my ass, no matter how small. She assured me it wasn’t going to be ‘stuck up my ass.’ After the blow job I was already receiving from her, how could I say no?

So she began real slow, allowing her saliva to build up to sneak the massager in. And it worked. Before I knew it, she was throwing all her tricks into this blow job, along with a little jiggle of the Aneros toy here and there, until I came so hard and so long that I felt like I was having more than one orgasm. I’m ruined, I thought.

That was the most amazing blow job ever. How will any woman ever top that? I guess she’ll need practice. You can always practice on me, or any other guy. Like I said before, we won’t turn down a girl who wants to go down.” —Joe J.

6. “Road head  somewhere on 95-South in Virginia!”

“The best head I ever had was during a road trip from New Jersey to Florida. I had just flown up to New Jersey to bring my girlfriend back down to Florida to live with me.

The feeling of being so incredibly in love, knowing you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, brings a level of excitement to the table. That excitement, paired with perpetual lust, led to a fabulous blowjob — or ‘road head’ — somewhere on 95-S in Virginia. I think it was also great because a trucker saw us honked his horn!” —Anonymous

7. “She let me 69 her while she was going down on me.”

“The best head I’ve ever gotten continues to be from my wife. A lot of women tend to feel the pressure to concentrate so hard while they’re giving oral. That kind of tends to make both people feel isolated.

When I met my wife, she wasn’t self-conscious in allowing me to play with her [clitoris] or even 69 while she went to town. Reciprocation is big for me, because I want her to enjoy every minute, too.” —Jacob P.

via Your Tango