7 Men Talk About The Best Oral They Ever Received (And Why)

For men, getting head is like pizza: Even when it’s so-so, it’s still pretty awesome.

Men love getting blow jobs. Many will say it’s their favorite thing, and unless there’s teeth involved, chances are even semi-OK that getting head is pretty awesome. But, of course, all men have that one really amazing time that stands out from the rest as the very best he’s ever had.

We surveyed our colleagues and friends asking them what their favorite time ever was. You may learn some pointers for the next time you hook up with your own guy. Just make sure he reciprocates. Guys who make you do all the work, no pun intended, suck.

1. “She used a silk scarf to stroke my shaft while the tip of her tongue flickered around the head.”

“She would slowly integrate some full lip sucking of the tip as I became increasingly excited. She would use more saliva until she was ready to take all of me in. She would slowly swallow my entire cock, moving the silk scarf from my shaft to my balls as she lowered. Then, rubbing my balls with the scarf, she went to town with just the right variation of deep throat, licking and sucking.

Both sides of her head were also shaved, so the sides of her head in my hands was also part of the sensation.” —Magnus Sullivan of ManShop.com

2. “She made me feel like she desired my cock and devoured it like candy.”

“I’m effectively keeping amazing memories of some blow jobs. The girl really made me feel like she desired my cock so much, and was devouring it like a candy. My pleasure came from the fact that I could see that the girl really enjoyed it and wanted it.”

Then comes the technique…

“I like when the girl also licks my balls and my ass. I personally prefer when a girl does deep throating. I love when she enjoys swallowing my [semen] or having it on her face… it’s the pleasure to see how much the woman is ready to give to you and to pleasure you.” —Anonymous

3. “I loved the spontaneity of it.”

“A BJ in a ladies room. I just got pulled in and she just did it. Not even in a stall, we were out in the open so anyone could have walked in! I loved the spontaneity, the aggressiveness and the danger of it.” —Bill O.