8 Fights Every Couple Will Have At One Point In Their Relationship

6. The “do we have a future together” fight.

If you are together long enough, and you start to get older, you wonder about your future and what is holds for you both. Reality sets in and you wonder – am I going to spend the rest of my life with this person? Do they want marriage, kids, family? Some couples are on the same page while others have different desires and plans.

7. The “can’t you like my show” fight.

Your partner may be into drama and crime TV shows while you like comedies. And, when you’re spending a Friday night in and trying to find something to watch, you’ll disagree on TV shows or movies because – you don’t want to watch their bullsh*t and vise versa.

8. The “you’re always on your phone” fight.

In 2017, we’re practically attached to our devices. Whether we’re out to dinner and looking at our texts or laying in bed scrolling on our tablets, we’re always connected. Always being on them can leave our partner’s feeling inadequate and as if they have to compete for our attention.