8 Fights Every Couple Will Have At One Point In Their Relationship

All couples and relationships are unique in their own way. Some fall head-over-heels in love with each other from day one – other couples take it slow. Some couples want to get engaged and married right away, others want to just play it out and be carefree. While every couple is different, there are milestones that every couple will inevitably reach. And, at some point in time, they will have disagreements about where they are at, what they want or where they’re going.

1. The “what are we” fight.

In the beginning of every relationship, the “what are we” stage can be confusing and complicated. Neither party wants to be the one to ask the question – but, eventually, it has to come to light. One party may be ready to take the next step, while the other may not be there just yet. And, it makes people feel kind of sh*tty when they’re on different pages – therefore, they may argue about one not being ready and why they’re not good enough for a “real relationship” or “commitment.”

2. The “your friends don’t like me” fight.

It’s rare that you ever step into a relationship where every single one of your friends like your partner and vise versa. Sometimes, their friends can be assholes or b*tches. Other times, your friends may not like who you’ve chosen to date. Either way, it can make things really awkward and uncomfortable – especially when you all hangout together.

3. The “I’m not ready to meet your family” fight.

When you find someone important in your life, you obviously want to have them meet your family. But, meeting the family is a huge step in a relationship that some are just not ready for – or, don’t really want to do. Your family and your partner may not get along, or, they may be putting extra pressure on you to get married and/or break-up (family’s are the worst sometimes).

4. The “we handle our finances too differently” fight.

When you’re together for a while and take the step to move in together, or, even get engaged or married – finances matter. Sure, you have your own money and they have their own money – but if one person is a spender and the other is a saver, it’s hard to meet in the middle.

5. The “you work too much” fight.

When you’re both establishing your careers and trying to make a living, your work can become overwhelming and stressful. You try to make time for everything in your life – work, food, family, friends, your partner – but, we only have 24 hours in a day and somehow, it’s never enough to give everything we need attention.