You Should Never Ask Outside People For Relationship Advice

When it comes to relationships, people always think they know best. Whenever you’re having problems with your significant other, people think they know what is better for your relationship than you do for yourself – they all think they’re Dr. Phil and have a PHD in romance.

The truth is, everyone experiences love differently. Love is an emotion, it’s not something as cut and dry as having the common cold. Someone can experience love and it makes them feel something – and, another person can feel completely different when they’re in love. It’s not a universal feeling, it’s not something everyone experiences the same – therefore, it’s not something everyone can give you the answers about.

It’s really that simple.

You may feel one way about your partner because of how this specific person makes you feel and, someone else may not see it at all. They don’t know how it really feels to experience that gritty, raw emotion the way that you do.

Newsflash – alter the media – they’re not you.

These people who have all this sh*t to say about your relationship and what you should do next – they are neither you nor are they your significant other. Therefore, they should have absolutely nothing to say about the state of your relationship.

You may be a confider, you may think that the best way to solve your problems with your significant other is to vent to your mom, your sisters or your friends – some people even vent online to strangers. But, the harsh reality is, this is probably only going to make your situation really worse.

The more you ask other people their opinions on your relationship, the more thoughts they will put in your head that aren’t yours. Then, you’ll have twice as many questions and issues as you already had before – which only drives you to feel even worse about your relationship overall.

In the long run, these people are unaware of what you and your partner have been through. They know the bare minimum – one side of the story. They can only base their advice off of what they have been through and what they would want. You’re not them – they’re not you – why the f*ck would you want what they want?

Pause, pump the breaks.

When you’re feeling like you have something going wrong in your relationship or want to change and fix what’s going on, the only person you should ever, ever talk to about that is simply – your significant other.

They are the only person who is equally involved in the relationship. They are the only person who can give you the answers you need. And, they are the only person who should ever know the intimate details of your entire life with them.

Don’t make the mistake of asking outsiders for their thoughts, opinions and verdicts on your love – because, at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to actually live it.