17 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Actually Your Best Friend

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we meet the right person for us, there’s no denying that it’s obvious. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to be blessed with an individual in our lives that makes us a better person and brings out all of the sunshine, rainbows and happiness – even on our darkest days.

These people are special – as cheesy as it sounds. It’s rare that you find the person who completes you in more than one way. Sometimes, our SO is not only there for us romantically, but in the way we always need a friend.

1. They’re the first person you call with news. 

Good or bad, your boyfriend is the first person you text or call when something goes down in your life. It’s a no brainer to you – no matter what happens, you immediately want to fill them it. From the big things – like landing your dream job – to the small ones – like getting a free donut with your coffee – you always want to fill them in on what is happening in your world.

2. You can talk to them about anything and everything. 

When you’re in a relationship that is not only romantic, but also supportive and healthy, you can talk to them about anything in your life. You’re not embarrassed or ashamed – you have nothing to hide from them. You can call them with gossip when you’re having a bad day, or let them know about an ingrown hair that’s f*cking killing you – it doesn’t matter the subject, it just matters that they are always there.

3. Money isn’t an issue. 

Sometimes in relationships, things get real awkward in terms or finances. Some women are convinced that men always have to pay for everything – no matter how long they’re together. But, when you reach that sweet spot in your romance, money means nothing. You don’t mind throwing down your card for the bill when you go out to eat and you don’t care when they need to borrow a $20 at the bar to play their favorite songs on the juke box.

4. You don’t need to always be “on.”

Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on. When you’re with someone who really loves you and values you, you don’t have to always look your best. You also don’t always have to feel your best – because, lets face it, no one is always 100% all of the time. You don’t have to be “on,” and always rocking and rolling to be around them, you can be a little under the weather physically or emotionally from time to time. They get you, they love you, they don’t care.