17 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Actually Your Best Friend

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. They get your weird. 

We all have weird quirks and things we do in the privacy of our own home – but, your boyfriend will want to embrace all of that weird with you when you’re together. You can snort when you laugh, you can make all your horrible accents and you can embrace all of who you are with them because, they live for every moment of it.

6. You can be gross together. 

If you’re still holding in your farts when you’re with them, you’re not as comfortable as you think. Let loose, let all your inhibitions go. So you have to go number 2 when you’re at their apartment – you’re human, go do your business. So you haven’t shaved your legs in a week or so – who cares, show him what it’s like to cuddle with a wooly mammoth.

7. You both know what each other is thinking without having to say it. 

When you’re out with other people, you can look at each other and know exactly what’s going through their mind. You’ve had enough conversations, learned enough about each other and know what goes through their mind at certain times to know exactly what’s happening.

8. You know their food order without having to ask. 

You eat together so often that no matter where you get your Seamless order from, you know what they are going to want – down to the large fountain coke.

9. You’re constantly tagging him in memes and videos online. 

No matter what it’s about, everything reminds you of them. When you see a hilarious meme, you have to show him. When you see a video that’s gone viral, you know he’ll appreciate it. You’re constantly tagging him or sending him things throughout the day because if you laugh, they have to laugh too.

10. You have barely any “normal” photos together. 

You two are always goofing around and being silly and hilarious that you barely have any “normal photos.” Forget smiling and kissing in selfies, you’re busy picking each other’s nose or making ridiculous faces. You don’t force it, it just is.