17 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Actually Your Best Friend

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

11. You’d rather stay in with them doing nothing than go out with anyone else. 

Forget standing on line for hours to get into a hot, overpacked club – you’d rather be in bed, in your underwear binging Netflix with them all night long.

12. Inside jokes forever. 

You two have spent so much time together, you have things that only you two will understand. Movies, TV shows, jokes, games – nothing is off the table with you guys. And, no one else will ever find it as funny as you both will.

13. You’re brutally honest with each other. 

You know you can ask him if the outfit you picked out is too much or makes you look bad – and you won’t get insulted when he’s honest with you. He is the one who can tell you the truth without you getting offended because you know he has your best interest at heart. Being with someone who isn’t afraid to tell you to go f*ck yourself is important.

14. You can’t go a day without speaking to them. 

Even if it’s a call at night to discuss your day, it’s second nature that you two talk all of the time. Life can be busy and things can get hectic, but you feel incomplete if you two don’t share a convo or two during the day.

15. You’re never worried about cheating or shady business. 

You two have become so compatible and comfortable with each other that any funny business is definitely not going to happen. You get each other to the core, you would know the minute that things were off or he was being shady. But, you’re unfazed about this anyway, because you trust him with your life.

16. You understand each other’s schedule and never pressure. 

Life can be messy and complicated at times. No two people are ever going to be available round-the-clock for each other – it’s impossible. But, he’s not your guardian and you don’t need him to follow you around. If you two go without seeing each other for a little bit, you’re both understanding that it’s not for lack of desire, but that you’re both busy and doing what you each need to do to succeed.

17. Going out just you two is more fun than anything else. 

You both have gone out together for a night of the town – just you two. You don’t need a huge crowd to have a good time. You’re unashamed to get super drunk and dance the night away – together, just you two. There’s no better company than someone you love.