People Keep Screaming ‘Who Is It?!?’ At Britney Spears Concerts Thanks To One Brilliant Fan

Everyone knows that Britney Spears is the queen of pop music. Ever since she dropped “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” we have stanned an actual goddess.

Recently, at a concert, one fan decided to say a hilarious line before her performance of “Gimme More.” As any die-hard Britney Spears fan knows, the beginning of “Gimme More” starts with an iconic line–”It’s Britney b*tch.” Before the song started, Zachary Gordon shouted: “WHO IS IT?!?”

Britney responded with laughter and a huge smile.

After the video went viral online, at all of Britney’s concerts, fans have begun screaming the same line before “Gimme More.” Essentially…

Because, seriously, one fan started an entire movement.

And, Zachary Gordon feels proud AF.