Virginia Tech’s Girls Lacrosse Team Under Fire For Saying Racial Slur Several Times In Leaked Video

We’ve seen the harsh realities that come with social media being everywhere. No matter where you go, or what you do, there’s a pretty big chance that if you’re doing something wrong–it can get out.

Teens these days are living behind their phone screens–even with their friends, at parties, in school–Snapchatting and recording every moment to share it with the World Wide Web. So, when you have somewhat of a reputation to uphold, it’s best to make sure you just stray away from doing stupid and controversial things. Recently, the Virginia Tech. Lacrosse Team is under fire for a 13-second leaked video where they say the N-word multiple times.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, features the girls on a bus after a game, in which they’re singing Lil’ Dicky’s song “Freaky Friday.” The song essentially is about Lil’ Dicky waking up in Chris Brown’s body and now, he has the ability to use said word becasue–he’s black now.

People were outraged and angry on the first view of the video–because using the N-word is a racial slur. However, it’s pretty stupid to believe that one of the most “viral” and popular songs in the industry right now isn’t going to be sung by those of different ethnicities or races. If an artist produces a song and uses a racial slur, they have to know eventually, someone from a different race is going to sing the said song/lyric. If you’re concerned with people using this language when it’s offensive–don’t put it in your songs. I’m certain that artists aren’t looking to only reach a fraction of the world’s population, but, the entire world population. Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s just my personal belief.

The real issue doesn’t, I believe, have to do with people singing the lyrics–but, the fact that someone decided it was a good idea to record and leak the video online for reasons to create spin/outrage around it. There are hundreds of rap songs that use this word.  People online had some mixed reviews about the situation, as well.

Some believe that the girls were wrong and should face consequences.

Others felt it’s a lyric and a song, not something meant to be said in a malicious or hateful manner.

Some also believe the “original meaning” of the racial slur is gone, as pop culture has made is so “normal” for individuals to say/use.