Angelina Is Officially Back For The New Season Of ‘Jersey Shore’ And The Video Is Pretty Awkward

Everyone knows that the “Jersey Shore” cast is returning for not one, but two seasons of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” on MTV. Sure, we were all chaotic teenagers when the show first came out and we were obsessed with GTL and fist-pumping, but, there’s nothing like a little nostalgia to bring us right back to the good old days.

While Sam is not returning for the new season, the rest of the cast is making a big comeback–leaving the kids and husbands at home. But, there’s a special guest making a comeback for the reunion as well–and no one expected how awkward it would be. Fans have heard rumors that Angelina was going to return to the Jersey Shore house for the new season, which of course will stir up as much drama as Ron and Sam did way back in the day.

The guys sit down for a meal at the new house in Miami and say their usual Grace when they hear a knock on the door. Ron thinks it’s the girls, but no one expected it to be Angelina. Mike is shook, and, apparently, the rest of the guys are too.

Fans are obviously freaking out–and, have mixed feelings about her return.