Someone Threw Shade At Michael B. Jordan On Twitter, And You Know He Clapped Right Back

If you’ve watched The Wire, Friday Night Lights, or Creed, then you’re already fully aware of Michael B. Jordan and his charismatic onscreen presence. If you haven’t, then the recent release of Black Panther probably did the trick, introducing you to his status as one of Hollywood’s talented up-and-coming leading men.

And if there were any doubts about Jordan’s star potential, the major wave of thirstiness he inspired on Twitter definitely put those to rest.

That said, every gaggle of admirers comes with a few haters.

Someone on Twitter decided that he’d had enough of the MBJ thirst, and decided to tweet out a few “facts” about the actor.

Wow, rude.

However, Jordan wasn’t about to let this disrespect go unchallenged, and tweeted out a few corrections to the hater using a truly iconic “FIRST OF ALL” tweet.

(For the record, I checked his IMDb page, and this info checks out.)

MJB stans everywhere were like, “Yep, that’s my man.”

Even the legendary Twitter clapback queen herself, Chrissy Teigen, weighed in on confrontation …

… but she was also sleepy and pregnant, so it maybe wasn’t her best work.

Regardless, y’all better think twice before you start talking smack about Michael B., because he’s not afraid to call your ass out on Twitter.

Also, it’s actually incredibly sweet that his parents live with him, and if anything this makes me like him more.