Pink Had The Most Rockstar Clapback At An Internet Troll Who Said She Looks ‘Old’

Celebrities usually get used to all of the harassment and roasting they get online–seeing as 99.9% of their social media mentions are usually Internet trolls who have nothing better to do than comment on other people’s lives.
But, no matter how many times you read insults about yourself from complete strangers, eventually–the joke gets stale rather quickly. Recently, rockstar and pop artist Pink clapped back at a Twitter user who went out of her way to rudely insult the icon calling her “old.”

102.7’s KISS FM shared a post from a Pink concert where a fan sang one of her songs–Perfect–and Pink was absolutely moved to tears.

Instead of basking in this beautiful moment, a Twitter user decided it was the perfect opportunity to throw insults saying: “Wow Pink looks so old that should be named Purple instead.”

Wonderful grammar, person.

Leave it to our girl Pink to clap back in the best, most bad-a** way possible. The rockstar said:

Fans, of course, had her back.

Goodbye, Hauchinango Refrito, you are officially cancelled.