This Dude Dumped His Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day For The Way She Treated The Waitress

Everybody who has worked in the service industry in any capacity has had to deal with some truly horrendous human beings at one point or another. It’s a statistical matter more than anything; the sheer amount of people you are forced to interact with on a daily basis inherently lends itself to odds that bad people will make up certain percentage of said group.

People who are rude to service employees are trash people (unless we’re talking about telecom or student loan companies, you can be as mean to them as you like.)

But though rude customers are to be expected, dealing with them is never a pleasant experience. What’s worse is that they don’t usually get their comeuppance on account of that familiar ‘customer is always right’ adage (everybody knows the customer is always wrong.) Not usually. But sometimes.

One such tale of retribution was posted to subreddit r/TalesFromYourServer, a place for industry workers to share their customer horror stories. User u/lustfulspiritanimal told a gripping tale; The date is Valentine’s Day, the setting: a restaurant (duh). And though this story undoubtedly featuers a customer from hell, it also concludes with said customer getting her just reward. Vengeance is a dish best served spontaneously and with zero effort on your own part, as they say.

Our narrative opens with an unusually large Valentine’s Day party of diners:

Our villain Angie immediately complains about not yet having received a drink, though protagonist lustfulspiritanimal (LSA for short from here on out) had yet to finish taking orders:

Angie’s boyfriend Luis is forced to apologize to LSA on her behalf after each interaction. Not only because Angie is raised-in-a-barn level rude, but also because she starts to straight up curse and insult the server:

LSA goes on to detail how Angie begins screaming at her from across the room in the middle of her conversation with a separate two-top:

Angie does the “let me speak to your manager.”

Angie proceeds to scratch out the tip amounts on the receipts left by each of the diners.

And finally, our denouement; the epic coup de grâce to Angie’s self-respect and Valentine’s Day:

People began sharing their own tales of exes being terrible to servers:

And many congratulated Luis on his refusal to abide by Angie’s trash behavior:


The rest of us are over here like,

As everyone’s favorite Animagus Sirius Black once said, “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

h/t BoredPanda