This Waiter’s Viral Post About A Customer Sexually Harassing Him Will Make You Gag

Waiters and waitresses are the unsung heroes of the world – trust me. Going out to eat is a luxury that many people take for granted. And, while we’re working really hard to ensure that your “luxurious experience” is great – people neglect that servers are people, too. Actual human beings. With hearts and lungs and organs. So, stop snapping at us from across the restaurant.

One waiter has now gone viral online after sharing an experience that – well – sums up the career in its entirety. No matter where you work and if you’re male or female, you’ll experience some form of uncomfortable situation being a server. But, this waiter’s experience is actually horrifying and gag worthy.

Troy Hibler, a waiter from San Marcos, Texas, was going to work on a normal day when he had two ladies in his section that were – well, super flirtatious. While some servers enjoy the casual flirting with customers, others are just annoyed and weirded out. The customer, Denise, asked Troy if she could take a photo with him and he said sure, because “the customer is always right.”

But – Denise posted the photos on Facebook and Troy later discovered them because, the Internet is a lot smaller than people think.

But – it got even weirder. Denise stalked Troy on Facebook until she found his profile and then added him. After he accepted (why) she messaged him this awkward, inappropriate and ughhhhh message.

Clearly – Troy is young AF and clearly, Denise, you are no spring chicken. While it’s really inappropriate to ask your server for a picture (I would have never said yes) it’s even more inappropriate to stalk them online and message them really gross things like this. I lowkey wonder if Troy is underage, too.

The icing on the cake is actually – Troy posted this on Twitter and apparently, Denise is a substitute teacher to kids Troy’s age.

Someone was nice enough to point out that Denise, Ms V, is a teacher who has officially become unemployed after this.