20+ Restaurant Workers Share The Types Of Customers That Make Them Hate Their Job

Working in a restaurant is really hard work, do not be fooled.

Just because many young people work in restaurants does not make it an “easy task.” Working in restaurants requires skills, patience, and a lot of energy–trust me. While it’s a hard job, it’s a great experience for everyone and I’m a firm believer that everyone should work in the restaurant business at least once in their life. While the money is good and you make great friends with co-workers, it teaches you valuable lessons and skills you can bring to any job.

Although restaurants are a great learning experience and a place to make some great money, it really does require patience and “letting things roll off your back” kind of mentalities. Customers can sometimes be incredibly difficult to deal with. BuzzFeed asked their user to share the kind of customers that get on their nerves and honestly–it’ll make you think about how you act when you’re out to dinner.


Guests neglecting to be aware of their surroundings is incredibly frustrating. For example, when I’m trying to put hot plates down in front of guests, but they have no idea, because they’re balls deep in their phones, and my hands are burning while they’re snapchatting about the food they don’t even have yet. Or when guests ask, “Are you closed?” when they’re the last table in the restaurant, the lights are on, music’s off, and the cleaning crew’s rolling in, like, “No, sir, we’re just approaching the peak dinner rush,” so please, sit back, relax, and take your fucking time, I don’t have anywhere to be ever.



As a hostess, my least favorite customers are the ones who come in looking for a fight. Just last week I had this interaction that went straight from 0 to 100 for no good reason.
Customer: We need a table for 6 outside near the band
Me: I’m really sorry I won’t have anything near the band available for 30 minute but I have a few options over here



Hands down it’s parents that sit down and forget they have children. They let them run crazy through the restaurant not only making it difficult for us servers to do our job but also destroying other guests’ meals. And god forbid you politely ask for them to get their kids and it’s the end of the world.
“ How dare you! My children are complete angels and are just playing!”
“Okay! Well your angel just dumped ketchup all over to make it look like a murder scene and your other angel almost broke the other server’s ankle.”
Best birth control ever!



I HATE when customers don’t know what they want and say “surprise me!” Well buddy you are getting the most expensive thing on the menu then and I don’t care if it isn’t to your taste, make up your own mind next time!



I really get annoyed when customers stay really late, we want to leave too and we can’t until you’re gone!



Bad tippers. Don’t come in with a party of 5+ people all on one check and tip $3. Servers make most of their money on tips, so sorry but your $3.08 tip won’t cover it!



CAMPING AFTER THE BILL IS PAID. I know that it’s fine to sit around for a few minutes after the meal is over, drink your coffee and such, but if it’s the middle of the dinner rush, move your a**! I’ve got another table of 20 waiting to be seated!



when they eat 80% of the meal but demand that it’s taken off the bill because it was “disgusting”…. and then ask for a to go box for it.



Know what you want to order BEFORE you call. I’ve got a million other things to do besides listen to you and your friends do the math on how many wings you need.



Anytime a customer shows me their food/tries to hand me their food,it drives me crazy. I believe you that your broccoli is cold, and I will put 100% get you new broccoli, but for the love of god DONT PUT IT IN MY HAND.



There is nothing worse than a guest snapping, whistling or grabbing me to get my attention. I am not a dog i’m a human being please treat me as such. And do not ever lay a hand on me, i do not know you.