23 Servers Confess The Worst Questions To Ask When Going Out To Eat

Going out to eat is something that many people do on a regular basis. While to many, going out to eat in a restaurant is a luxury, it’s also the place where many people earn a living. Waiters, waitresses, hostesses, bartenders, busboys, and managers are all working to make sure you, the customer, enjoys their meal and time in the establishment. While all servers and employees understand that their job is to serve the customer, they’re also individuals who are overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated.

I grew up putting myself through undergrad by waiting tables day and night. I worked in several local restaurants to afford my car, my classes, my books, and the beer I needed to keep myself sane in between my classes and shifts. Let me tell you–while many people grow up learning (somewhat learning) manners from their parents, they for some reason do not know how to act when out to eat/how to speak to someone waiting on them. I’m not saying it’s all people–but many. I asked my fellow servers, waiters, waitresses, and bartenders what is the most annoying and horrible question they’ve been asked on the job that pisses them the f*ck off, and here’s what they had to say.

1. Michelle:

When it’s clearly, noticeably busy and a customer repeatedly asks me why the food is taking so long.

2. Jason:

I bartend at a local pub and when people come in asking for high-end alcohol and then complaining about the price.

3. David:

When a customer asks for five refills on their bread basket, but order an entree to split.