This Video Of A Girl Rejecting Her Boyfriend’s Very Public Proposal Is Painful To Watch

When it comes to sentimental and private moments in the world, some people feel that marriage proposals are something for a couple to experience in private, on their own, and then, later on, celebrate with their friends in family. Personally, I would never want my boyfriend to propose to me in front of other people. If it ever did happen (here’s to hoping), I would want it to be a moment I can look back on and cherish just the two of us. In all honesty, there’s nothing that says ‘I love you’ quite like asking your significant other to spend the rest of their life with you, as your partner. Marriage is more than just a ring on the finger, but truly a bond and partnership to navigate the rest of your lives together. So, when someone has the guts to ask another person to partake on this journey–it’s a big moment. One that you don’t really expect, nor want, to hear the word ‘no,’ as a response–especially if it’s in public.

A video appeared on Facebook recently that was filmed in the Paseo la Fe shopping center in San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexico where a boyfriend got on his knee to propose to his girlfriend. There was a huge crowd surrounding them, which puts a lot of pressure on the girlfriend who’s being asked. Usually, though, when someone asks their partner to marry them–they expect their partner to say yes. In this case, it didn’t go as planned.

The video has been viewed over 5 million times and still, is pretty painful to watch. Clearly, this man loves this woman enough to ask her to be his wife, but, she just didn’t feel the same way–that, or she’s not into big displays of PDA and proposals (same, girl). Either way, seeing someone get their heartbroken in public–and then knowing it has been seen 5 million times on social media…that has to hurt.