30 People Share The Most Genius Ways They’ve Ever Cheated On A Test

21. I wish I read these when I was in school so I could test them.

I forgot to write a huge paper in college so I wrote just one page and printed it 20 times. Handed it in and over the weekend finished the assignment. The next week the professor asked what happened and I said it must have been a mistake with the printer. He said that’s alright, just print him out the full thing and bring it next class. I got an extra week with no penalty.

22. I would have given him an A+.

Not really cheating, but I heard about a class where the final was so comprehensive the professor told the class it was entirely open-book and they could bring in anything for reference they could carry (with the notable exception being a laptop with WiFi).

One guy apparently carried in his older brother on his back who was a TA for a higher level class in the same subject.

Yeah, he got an A.

23. I wouldn’t have told the professor until I received my grade.

There’s a story at Caltech where a professor gave a take home exam and told students “they could only use Feynman”, by which she meant they could only use some specific textbook written by Richard Feynman. It just so happens that Richard Feynman was a professor at Caltech at the time, so a student went to the living breathing actual Richard Feynman for help on the exam.

24. Student’s aren’t always trying to cheat.

There’s was a hilarious story about an exam moderator that saw a student with a small note. The mod stormed up grabbed it and tore it in half. The pupil started crying. When the moderator read the note it said ” I believe in you, love mum “.

25. Your classmates might think you’re pretty gross.

Writing notes on a band-aid on the back of the hand. Pull it back to read, then stick it back in place

26. This is some higher level thinking cheating.

We were allowed one 3×5 note card for the final, so I filled it up in blue ink with tiny writing, then wrote over the top of that in red ink, and brought a clear piece of red and blue plastic with me. Teacher thought it was clever and allowed it

27. This man is an absolute wizard!

When I was going away to college, my dad told me this story about a friend of his:

This friend was enrolled in a class where the test was being administered on two separate days for each half of the class. In each section there was a test A and B version. My dads friend was taking the exam in the second day.

That night, following the first day of tests my dad’s friend received the answers from another friend for test version A. Bingo, he’s in the clear for a good grade.

Test day comes around, my dad’s friend sits down for the test and….is handed test B. Panic time, right??? Nope! He gets up and timidly approaches the professor and says “I’m sorry, I must confess and be honest, my friend gave me the answered to version B of this test, could I take version A instead so I don’t get caught for cheating” and just like that he was handed the other version and sat back down!

28. What is this the first time this kid cheated?

Smart kid sits up front. Beneath him is a tile floor. The tile under the front left leg of his desk is answer A. The one to the right of that is B. The one down from A is C and the one beneath B is D. Smart kid uses his left leg to point to the answer. Now the question numbers. Question 1 is when smart kid coughs, which is synchronized to the class clock. Each minute is a new question answer. After a 20 minutes exam, 20 questions are answered by moving his foot.

29. What is a teacher going to do say she cheated with her boobs?

I was very very bad at chemistry in senior year but i needed to pass the final to get the class credit in order to graduate. So the day of the test I wore a very low cut top with a zip up hoodie over it. I wrote down all the formulas from the study guide onto my cleavage, zipped the hoodie up, and just looked down at my boobs under the hoodie during the test for all the answers.I’d nothing to get caught cheating with unless they demanded to see my cleavage, but that would never happen because I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to get sued. I passed the final, got the credit, and graduated.

30. Technology remains undefeated.

High School exam for grade 11 english, i’m allowed to use a laptop. Before the exam we were given 5 topics and told 3 of them would be on the exam. But the English teacher really liked the class and was a really nice person that she told everyone that showed up the last class before the exam that she was just going to put all 5 topics on it.

I go home write my essay out and get the smartest people in class to edit, put it on a USB. During exam teacher is distracted, I pull the USB out of pocket. Plug it in, save essay to laptop and then eject USB. I spent the rest of the time just typing random shit and deleting.