30 People Share The Most Genius Ways They’ve Ever Cheated On A Test

11. The teacher definitely copy and pasted the correct answers

I think this isn’t exactly cheating, but all the answers were on the test. Somehow I was the only one who figured it out

High school biology test, 10 questions and all multiple choice. I knew the answer for 6 questions, so as I was trying to figure out the other questions something come to my attention, all the alternatives were like that:

A) zzzzzzz

B) xxxxxxx

C) ccccccc.

D) vvvvvvvv

E) bbbbbbb

All the correct answers had a dot at the end of the sentence…

12. You think this guy was a fan of Prison Break?

I have a full tattoo sleeve on my right arm and both of my hands done. When I had an upcoming test I hadn’t studied for, I would write little keywords to make myself remember things inside my tattoos and I’d write them in a similar color to the ink so unless you were looking insanely close you couldn’t see them.

13. If only you had access to cell phones.

This wasn’t that genius, but my freshman year of college, I missed an exam and the professor let me take a makeup in his office. I was failing miserably when I noticed his office phone.

I called my roommate, had him open my notes and he helped me get all the answers right. Not very genius but ballsy.

14. Technology just continuing the beat down on academics.

On an online exam, I saw someone take the whole exam without even touching his computer. The mouse was moving and everything. Turns out he set up a Remote Desktop and had someone take it from home

15. Ladies take notes.

A girl I know wrote all the answers on her thigh, then wore tights to the exam. When she stretched the tights she could see the answers but then let it go and cover it up

16. This isn’t this guys first rodeo.

My best friend did this with those foggy translucent plastic folders. Put his cheat sheet on the inside so when he pressed on the folder with his foot, the whole page was visible. Removing the pressure made the folder pop up and look completely inconspicuous

17. This teacher never stood a chance.

One class I had, we were given the essay questions in advance so we knew what to study. During the test, we had to write the essays in class in blue books. I would write the essays in different blue books before the test and bring them and blank ones to class. At the end, I’d just switch out the completely filled out ones for the blank ones. It was such a hard class that I still never got a 100% on any of them.

18. Earbud up through hoodie sleeve is a classic move.

Record answers, move recording to ipod, earbud up through my hoodie sleeve, place ear on hand and listen to answers.

19. This kid is going places.

Best one I’ve heard of was a guy who was in band got a copy of the test for another class from someone who had the class earlier in the day. It was multiple choice, he transposed all the answers (A, B, C, or D) into musical notes. When they had to clear their decks before the test, he sat all his stuff on the ground with the “sheet music” on top. He had it divided into a specific number of notes per measure, so it was easy to find the one he was looking for.

20. That is insanely impressive.

I knew a guy who wrote down all the answers on his graphing calculator and got away with it.

It’s only impressive because it was for a Spanish vocab quiz.