This Mom Shared How Badly Her Daughter Was Being Bullied And The Response Will Break Your Heart

It’s a common occurrence that children in school get bullied. Even with workshops, professional development sessions, and seminars, teachers cannot prevent students from bullying each other. With social media and the Internet becoming a regular aspect of teenager’s lives, bullying has been taken to a new, scary level. As years have progressed, bullying has inevitably gotten worse. One mom decided to share her daughter’s story on Facebook and social media because she has officially had enough of bullying.


Sarah shared on Facebook the heartbreaking story of how her 13-year-old daughter, Julianna, has been bullied in school. Julianna’s father is not in the picture and many students pick on her for not having a father, as well, the girls in her school tell her to “kill herself” regularly.


Today, I picked my 13 year old daughter up from school, after receiving a call that she was in hysterics. THE teachers couldn’t calm her down, and refused to tell me what happened. The phone call made me panic as any parent would, especially with her peers and how they often treat her. Someone from the school told me she needs to LEAVE because she won’t calm down, they asked if she had a support group at home and if she’s in therapy?! I was thinking this is a little irelavent, as I’ve told many school staff members about the measures I’ve taken in terms of mental health. As soon as I saw my DAUGHTER, she hugged me, shaking hysterically and said “why do they hate me mom?” As we were leaving the school my daughter began to tell me what happened hysterically with tears dripping from her face, She said “I can’t do this anymore, I can’t take anymore, I hate myself.” She told me several of her peers were in a group telling her no one loves her, she doesn’t belong, and to drop dead.” The principal stopped us on our way out as he saw my daughter crying and trembling. I began to cry, as it’s been very difficult for my daughter, especially the last 2 years. She told the principal what had happened and he said “I’m so sorry, I had no idea this happened.” He seemed very sincere, and he had no clue about what happened as no staff notified him that my daughter was bullied and broken down into a very scary state. These issues continue to happen weekly. They’re not being addressed properly. My daughter made a video and wrote how she feels, sharing this is to help spread bully awareness. I’m terrified as a mother. My heart breaks for her. My daughter battles depression and anxiety, this certainly doesn’t help her. This is ongoing, and nothing’s happening. The bullies get to stay at school as my daughter cries and goes home. Then I find out a boy pushed her part way down the stairs last month calling her names. And another girl last week pushing her to the ground. My daughter isn’t your typical kid, she suffers major emotional issues. Because she doesn’t have a father, she hurts, and they say “who would want to be your dad, I can see why he left you, he probably hates you!” She’s called ugly, fat, and she’s the furthest thing from either of those. I bought a home several years ago in a small town of 4300 people, never did I think we’d face these problems. I hope everyone talks to their children about bullying, and I hope there’s light at the end of all of this. Tonight I will be laying close to my baby because I’M terrified of how she’s feeling. I want to take her pain away, and I’m feeling helpless as a mother.

Sarah’s post has been shared over 200,000 times on Facebook. Julianna also took a video of describing her own bullying, and, it will break your heart into pieces. No person should ever go through this and be spoken to this way.

Other parents and victims of bullying have reached out on social media, praising Julianna for her bravery to speak out and speak up.

It’s important to teach your kids about bullying and acceptance. No one should ever go through this, and no parent ever should have to worry about their children this much. Speak up, speak out, be the change.