Teen’s Text To Her Mom About Being Bullied Has Everyone Heartbroken

When you’re young and in school, there’s a lot of pressure to fit in. Bullying has been a problem for years in school, not just currently, but in the past. When our parents were going to school, bullying existed, but, it wasn’t as hard as it is now. When you had social media and technology into the mix, it truly does make bullying 10x magnified and has the ability to do more harm to the bullied than ever before. Social media and technology have played an aggressive role in many bullying situations, some even leading to suicide and death of many who cannot handle the number of attacks and pressure from others online.

Bailey is a senior in high school and, she knows first-hand how hard bullying can be.

A few months ago, Bailey decided to wear a dress to school, feeling good about herself. But, what happened when she got to school is something she could have never imagined.