Teen’s Text To Her Mom About Being Bullied Has Everyone Heartbroken

Someone in her school decided it would be hilarious to bully Bailey for wearing a dress that shows off her thighs, due to her size. The person Snapchatted it and shared it with other people who went to the school.

Bailey immediately texted her mom asking her if she can bring a change of clothes to the school. Her mom, who is clearly the greatest mom in the world, rushed to the school with an outfit to change into.

Honestly, this is disgusting and heartbreaking to see. No one deserves to be bullied and embarrassed by anyone, especially on social media. Things like this are what causes high schoolers to succumb to harmful habits and hurt themselves. More often than not, social media in high school can be used for these situations and, honestly, is the reason phones shouldn’t be allowed in school like this.

Many online were hurt and emotional after seeing this kind of behavior. Also, they were praising this mom for being there for her daughter immediately.