25 As Seen On TV Products That Apparently Really Work

For decades, TV stations—primarily late at night—have advertised certain items that “aren’t available in stores” and that must be purchased immediately, via a toll-free number or website, because “supplies are limited.” Via these often loud, rapid-fire ads, or their 30-minute-long cousin the “infomercial,” these amazing, breakthrough, revolutionary products that make cooking, cleaning, and life in general an absolute breeze are pretty much irresistible. Phone and credit card are in hand…but then logic prevails and we realize that it’s probably a terrible idea to buy a space-age blender or weird hammer or magical beauty product untested and sight unseen, just because the TV is screaming at us to do so, even if it only costs the low, low price of $19.99. It would be so much easier if somebody else would take the hit, buy the dumb gadget, and then tell us if it’s good (as we desperately hope) or bad (as we suspect and expect).

Well, some people did. Real people who actually bought an “As Seen on TV” product—either off of an ad, or when they show up on that weird shelf at a retail pharmacy chain—answered this call to describe to the world which of these products are actually worth it.

1. Scrub Daddy.

It’s a really strong, effective, and non-scratch causing kitchen sponge.

“I was hesitant for so long but finally caved and got one. I am SO glad I did! It makes dishes so much easier to clean and takes off stuck-on food like it’s no big deal!”


“Never have my dishes been this clean and so free of THOSE GODFORSAKEN SCRATCHES.”


Check it out here.

2. Magic Bullet.

A mini-high-speed blender and mixer.

“I use mine almost every single day.”


Check it out here.

3. TubShroom.

A mushroom-shaped drain insert that catches hair before it can clog anything.

“I have thick, curly AF hair that clogs drains. I also have a septic system that can’t tolerate anything foreign, so you better believe I spent a couple bucks on this reliable hair catcher instead of having to fix my septic tank for $10,000. If you get one, you will not be sorry.”


“TubShrooms have changed my life. No more Drain-O, no more snaking the drain.”


Check it out here.

4. OxiClean.

A remarkable stain and odor remover.

“It’s the only product I have ever come across that removes cat urine odor from any and everything. It’s amazing. It can also remove just about any stain. I always keep a tub handy. I love it.”


Check it out here.

5. Instyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron.

It straightens, curls, and volumizes!

“I have very thick, curly, wavy, and frizzy hair, which is prone to rat’s nest tangles. The InStyler straightens, curls, and quickly de-frizzes my mane. Plus, it has an automatic shut-off! The top-right photo above shows my natural hair texture, with loads of product for curl control. The pic to the right of it shows my hair after using the InStyler. It’s worth EVERY penny!”


Check it out here.

6. Clever Grip.

A car-mount for smartphones that actually doesn’t fall off.

“The second I get into my car, I immediately put it in the clip. It lets me do hands-free stuff (GPS, music, making calls, etc.) and makes using the map function on my phone super easy.”


Check it out here.

7. Turbie Twist.

A super-absorbent towel, just for your hair.

“It’s one of the best things ever, and I wish I got one earlier in life. It almost completely eliminates frizz (which is amazing, since it rains, like, 90% of the time where I live), and it dries my hair a lot faster. I only wear it for about 10 minutes, and when I take it off my hair dries so quickly. And my curls look amazing! I got one for all the ladies in my life for Christmas.”


“I’ve had a Turbie Twist for years and still use it. I have long, flowing black hair, and this towel can dry it out just fine!”


Check it out here.

8. Shark Steam Mop.

A lightweight, easy to handle mop that cleans and sanitizes floors with the power of steam.

“I can’t believe how well the Shark Steam Mop works. I will never go back to washing floors the old way again.”


Check it out here.

9. Genie Bra.

A bra free of hooks and wires that forms naturally to the body’s shape so as to be more comfortable.

“I have a large chest. Sports bras don’t have the support I need, and if I want an actual bra that fits in all the right spots, I’d have to drop $50+. That’s where the Genie Bra comes in for everyday wear. Full support. Fully comfortable. I swear by it!”


Check it out here.

10. Comfort Click Belt.

Instead of notches every inch or so, this belt runs on a track system, so it always fits perfectly.

“My Comfort Click Belt is leather and works great. With traditional belts, sometimes it can be just a little too loose or too tight, but this belt has much more precision. Five stars.”


Check it out here.