These Pantyhose Are Made From The Same Material As Bulletproof Vests And They’re Indestructible — Just Shut Up And Take My Money

It’s no secret that typical pantyhose are some of the world’s most frustrating and finicky fashion accouterments: they snag on your fingernails, get caught on your velcro, are yanked by your zippers, and they’re always getting runs at the most inopportune moments (like when you’re on a first date and you need to appear somewhat composed). Not to mention the fact that it seems like you’re always having to buy them at the last possible second, since they only last for a few wearings.

That’s where Sheerly Genius comes in. This new company is looking to complete reinvent the way that we think of modern pantyhose and to eliminate some of your biggest hosiery grievances.

Unlike other tights, Sheerly Genius pantyhose are constructed using proprietary fibers that allow them to be truly run-resistant, and they can be worn up to 50 times. These tough-yet-yielding pantyhose can withstand velcro, jagged nails, and sharp diamond rings — but they’re also flexible enough to undergo maximum stretching without ripping.

If these specs sound too good to be true, then go ahead and clean out your disbelieving ears as many times as necessary, because these pantyhose are legit.

The miracle, high-end hosiery is currently available for pre-order and will ship to its many lucky customers in Fall 2018. You can get your early bird pairs at $79, compared to the original price of $145 — so everybody better jump on this deal before it’s too late and you’re left with sad, drugstore stockings.

One of the most miraculous aspects of this innovative hosiery is the fact that it manages to be both sturdy and sheer, a combination which had never been seen in pantyhose until now.

Brand founder Katherine Homuth says that she came up with the idea for Sheerly Genius after a lifetime of frustration with standard pantyhose products.

“After ripping one too many pairs of pantyhose, I wondered why, in a world where cars could drive themselves and phones could pay your bills, there still wasn’t a pair of pantyhose that could make it through the day,” she writes on the Sheerly Genius website.

“Like most women, I found wearing pantyhose to be a frustrating experience,” Homuth explains. “My drawers were filled with old pantyhose, but I could never find a single pair without a hole in them when I was running out the door.”

Homuth found the whole thing to be an especially frustrating reality considering the fact that many women don’t have a choice in whether or not to wear hosiery as part of their professional attire. “Pantyhose are a wardrobe essential for many professional women like waitresses, consultants, and flight attendants, who are required to wear pantyhose as part of their everyday wardrobe,” she reminds everyone.

From that point forward, Homuth says that she was on a mission to “create a pair of pantyhose that wasn’t just strong, but totally indestructible. You know, just like women themselves.” Homuth spent a year in research and development, ultimately crafting the hosiery from materials used in bulletproof vests.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

But, if you’re feeling skeptical, you can watch Homuth test out the Sheerly Genius hosiery and see for yourself just how sturdy these seemingly delicate (yet surprisingly badass) tights can be.